• Click apply on the package of your choice and you will be taken to the online application form.
  • Complete the online application form and click “Submit”.
  • Download the Power of Attorney, sign it and send it back with certified copies of identity documents of directors.

You can send an email or fax to:

We will then submit your preferred names for reservation. Once your preferred name is reserved we will advise you accordingly and email you proof of the name reservation in the form of a Cor 9.4  

We then apply to register the company. Once completed we will send you the full company registration documents comprising off:

  1. Welcome letter
  2. Registration / disclosure certificate – COR14.3
  3. Notice of incorporation – COR14.1
  4. Notice of incorporation – Initial directors – COR14.1A
  5. Memorandum of incorporation – COR15.1A

Once the company is registered we will proceed with the various registrations as per the package of your choice.

Thank you

Asset One Accountants